Statement on the current status of Workcare:

September 2022

For more than 75 years Workcare has been providing chaplaincy services to a variety of businesses in Coventry and across Warwickshire. Throughout those years, many volunteers have given generously of their time and talents to support people in their workplaces, and this work has proven to be greatly appreciated and very fruitful.

In recent years however, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the opportunities for such face-to-face chaplaincy were significantly curtailed. And with the current financial pressures that are being experienced, combined with the serious downturn in numbers of volunteers coming forward, Workcare now finds itself in a very challenging place. 

Therefore, Workcare’s Board of Trustees have taken the decision to pause operations for the time being, whilst we explore the possibility of consolidating those operations under a regional ‘umbrella’ organisation, in conjunction with one or more of the other groups who are involved in the same work as us and also experiencing similar challenges. In the meantime we will continue to support our existing chaplains, who are continuing their work, but do not have the capacity to take on new work.

We will be grateful if you would bear with us during this ‘pause’ and be patient if/when we are unable to respond immediately to enquiries. We will value your prayers over our deliberations and will let you know the outcome in due course.

With kind regards.


Rev. Neil Le Tissier

Chair, Workcare Board of Trustees

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