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We are exhibiting at Chamber of Coventry and Warwickshire Trade Local Business Expo ion Friday 15 March 2019

Trade Expo 2019 third attempt


Sadly, recently we said goodbye to two of our friends. One a Trustee, Janet Walker-Thompson and one of our Chaplains, Captain Roger Horsley.

Roger reported to our AGM:

 "Jaguar Land Rover, Gaydon Site:  (2 mornings a week) I have a good year again at Gaydon visiting teams to introduce myself and having one to one conversations with lots of JLR colleagues, several of whom I have helped before over the years.

I have supported the Christian fellowship in their outreach events at Christmas and Easter as well as offering support to individual Christians in the company. I have supported the leader of the new Christian group at Aston Martin.

I have had an Ordinand on placement with me over six weeks. This was very useful to have an outside perspective on my Chaplaincy at JLR at Gaydon.

As I come to leave and retire from my role as Chaplain at JLR, I give thanks to God for all the amazing ways he has lead me, in what was a completely new ministry for me.

I want to thank both the Diocese of Coventry and Workcare for all their support in helping me in this role, I have loved it!"

A huge Thank you to Roger for over 10 years as Chaplain at Gaydon and Wright Hassle Solicitors

RH and BJ Retirement

Our Chair Barbara Johnson and Roger Horsley

Another Retirement was our Financial Officer and Trustee Janet Walker-Thompson. We are extremely grateful to Janet for all her time, expertise and encouragement in the time she was with Workcare.