Meet the Team

Kay AldersleyKay Aldersley
Kay is Workcare’s Work Club Development Officer and has been a member of Workcare since August 2004.  She is experienced in community and church development work, having studied for her degree in Community Development and Enterprise at Warwick University, graduating in July of that year.

Workcare have a number of Chaplains operating in various businesses and organisations throughout the Coventry and Warwickshire region.

Board Members:
WORKCARE is a Charity, with a Board of Trustees who meet together 6 times per year


Current members include:
picChair of the Trustees board -
Barbara Johnson -  representing the regional Church of England

Barbara is the Anglican representative on the Board of Trustees.   Her work experience was in HR management, most recently as European HR Director for a major UK global engineering corporation.   She has worked widely across all types and sizes of business in the UK and also in India, Thailand and Japan.

Matthew Jeffrey

Matt Jeffrey - Minister of Lenton's Lane Baptist Church, Coventry, repr


David Marshall - Retired, representing the regional United Reformed Churches

Kris Pears

Kris Pears - Representing the regional Catholic Churches and Workcare Treasurer

John Sheldon

John Sheldon - Representing the regional Society of Friends (Quakers).  

Chris Fowle

Clive Fowle - Representing the regional Methodist Churches