How can I support workcare?

Practical Skills

There are various practical ways that you may be able to help us. We need people who can serve on the Board and others who can help with publicity and similar areas.

If you have skills which you think you may be able to offer, please let us know. Contact us.


Becoming a Chaplain or recommending someone you know to be considered as a Chaplain 

A Chaplain needs to be able to give two to three hours a week/fortnight/month to the task. Sometimes this suits people who have taken early retirement or people who are working part time. We are looking for both men and women.

If your church can sponsor a chaplain and support them that would be excellent, see 'Adopt a Chaplain' .

Invite our Development Officer to come to your church or group to speak.


Captain Syd Henderson is a Church Army Officer with over 20 years Ministerial and Chaplaincy experience. 

He is very happy to attend your Church to preach on supporting those in the workplace, to speak to your various groups about Workcare and it's vision. Email Syd now!CLICK

or ring on 07903129501