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Your Business and Workcare: a listening ear in the workplace!

Recent reports have shown that the spiritual and pastoral care of the employee is linked to productivity in the workplace. Many businesses recognise that they have responsibility to look to care for much more than just whether their staff member is doing their job. Happy staff make for a great work environment and enjoy achieving more.

Life at Work

montageWe are all people before we are employees. As human beings, we all deal with personal challenges from time to time. From a diagnosis of cancer, to learning your spouse has not been faithful, to getting a call from your doctor that your pregnancy test is negative - again. When your alarm clock goes off the next day, you can either call in sick or bring it to work with you. Either way, it affects business, and it impacts those around you.

What Is the Best Way to Provide Help?

The good news is that 87% of employees said they would work harder for a company willing to help them with their personal problems, but what is the best way to help employees and their immediate families with the tough issues of life such as:

Personal problems - A debilitating illness - Substance abuse - A failing marriage - Thoughts of suicide - Grief, loss  and more.

There are healthy boundaries that need to be in place between managers and workers. An appropriate way for business owners or managers to respond in these difficult situations is through a Chaplaincy service such as Workcare!

See our presentation on Why Chaplains Help Businesses (PowerPoint)

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