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A Chaplain for your organisation?

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Why have a Chaplain?

A Chaplain is a unique person within the organisation. They offer support and a confidential, listening ear to anyone who needs it.

Paul talking with Peter at Chaplains day

At any one time there will a number of people facing large and small crises which for a variety of reasons they are unable or unwilling to share with colleagues or management. These issues inevitably affect a person's work to some extent. If they can find some confidential support during this time, they will cope better and work better.


A Chaplain for your organisation?

A Chaplain is a listening ear in your organisation in situations like this:

  A key staff member misunderstood a manager and sent in a letter of resignation. A confidential talk with the Chaplain resolved the situation.

 A member of the company died unexpectedly. The Chaplain helped colleagues cope with this and advised them on how to relate to the family.

  A new employee was extremely stressed about a personal matter and didn’t want to talk about it with a manager. The Chaplain suggested several options, one of which eased the situation considerably.

two people in conversation

Example:  One worker was struggling, because their faith community did not understand some of the issues they faced at work. The Chaplain was able to help them to sort this out.

  An employee is facing redundancy and wants to talk to someone about how they feel. The Chaplain lends a confidential ear. 


A Chaplain is:

Someone with pastoral and spiritual experience who is:

·         A caring, independent listener

·         Proactive in diffusing a situation before it becomes a crisis.

Chaplains will not seek to convert anyone in the course of their duties

 within your organisation.

The work of chaplains is confidential and is subject to the HR policies of your company.

Workcare provides back up, support and supervision for each Chaplain.



Workcare - who are we?

A Christian based service open to all

In business for 40 years with an enviable and proven track record

An independent charity and a company limited by guarantee.

            Sponsored and supported by the major Christian churches   and a 

member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

               We have Chaplains in a variety of workplaces around 

                        Coventry and Warwickshire including:


                                Jaguar Land Rover - Gaydon and Whitley sites

Fire and Rescue (Warwickshire)

Wright Hassall - Solicitors

Ricoh Arena (Coventry)

Nuneaton Town Centre 

and others


Our commitment to you:

A Chaplain will:

         Visit regularly at agreed times

         Be available for personal and confidential support

         Make themselves known through agreed channels

         Publish a phone number and email for off-site contact

         Offer advice, mediation and support for employees     


A Chaplain will:

Have particular concern for issues that have a negative impact for the workplace such as: sexual harassment, prejudice and bullying

Work with those from other faith groups and be committed to principles of diversity and respect for everyone.

If requested by the company or organisation: arrange services at special times of the year - eg a Carol service.

Through its chaplains, WORKCARE offers you dedicated support for all in your company.      

 At every level of the organisation

 Irrespective of faith, gender, sexuality or race.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or to arrange a visit. Our details are here.

Watch an interview with various chaplains on the Workcare video.